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Division of Unemployment Insurance
Debit Card Instructions

Debit Card for UI Benefits – Instructions

The Delaware Division of Unemployment Insurance offers Debit Card as an option to receive your weekly unemployment insurance benefits. When you sign up for the Debit Card, your first benefit payment will be a mailed check. At the same time, your information that is required to create a debit card will be sent to Chase Bank. Within 5 -7 days you will receive your debit card, an information sheet with detailed information on “How to Use Your Card” and a “Fact Sheet” by mail. Upon receipt of this packet, it is important that you activate your card immediately.

What are the advantages of a Debit Card?

  • A Debit Card is easy and provides quick access to your payments without waiting in line to cash or deposit a check.
  • A Debit Card is convenient – it allows withdrawal of cash at ATMs 24 hours a day and you can make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • A Debit Card saves money by reducing check cashing and money order fees.
  • A Debit Card tracks spending – free account information and customer service 24 hours a day.
  • A Debit Card is reliable – receive your payments timely – no lost or stolen checks.
  • Account alerts- you may elect to receive account alerts informing you of when a deposit is made.

How to Enroll

A Debit Card is a convenient, safe and reliable way to receive your unemployment insurance benefits. If you are filing a new claim online you can select Debit Card directly in the application.

You will be required to choose the “TeleBenefits” or “WebBenefits” option for filing for your weekly unemployment insurance benefits payment.

Enrollment for Debit Card requires the use of a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN is established by placing a call to our "TeleBenefits" line at (302) 761–6576 or 1-800-794-3032. If you have certified your claim previously or checked on the status of your unemployment insurance benefits claim using "TeleBenefits" or "WebBenefits", a PIN has already been established and should be used to enroll for Debit Card. If you are filing a new claim, you must wait until you receive your "Notice of Monetary Determination" in the mail before you are able to call "TeleBenefits" and establish your PIN. Once you receive your "Notice of Monetary Determination" or if your claim is already established, but you have never certified your claim or accessed claim information using "TeleBenefits", call (302) 761–6576 or 1-800-794-3032. "TeleBenefits" will prompt you to press (1) if you are calling to make your weekly claim certification or are calling about the status of your weekly unemployment insurance benefit check, press (1) at this time. "TeleBenefits" will then prompt you to press (1) for a weekly claims certification or press (2) to check on the status of your weekly unemployment insurance benefit check. Press (2) at this time. The system will require you to enter your nine-digit social security number and then to choose and enter a four-digit PIN. You must use this PIN to enroll for Debit Card.

If you filed your new claim online and requested Direct Deposit, it is not necessary to complete this form.

Address Change

You must notify your unemployment insurance local office immediately if you have a change of address in writing by mail, fax, or in-person. If you move to a different State, you will need to reopen your claim as an interstate claim and at that time you will need to provide your change of address. Failure to do so may impact your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits.


Due to changes in Federal Law we are now required to provide you with specific disclosures prior to enrollment in the debit card option for Unemployment Insurance benefit payments. Please read and acknowledge that you have reviewed the following attachments.

Debit Card Short Form

Debit Card Long Form


Debit Card Instructions     Debit Card FAQs

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